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cat hello.txt

Hi! My name is Victor Ortiz. I'm a Full Stack Developer based in Oviedo (Spain).
I'm currently working as Lead Front End Developer at Bizneo HR & Acutario.


cd skills



  • ansible
  • aws
  • backbone
  • bash
  • capistrano
  • centos
  • chef
  • debian
  • docker
  • emberjs
  • elixir
  • eslint
  • es6
  • fireworks
  • freebsd
  • git
  • gulp
  • html5
  • illustrator
  • invision
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • linux
  • magento
  • mysql
  • node
  • packer
  • pfsense
  • postgresql
  • phoenix framework
  • photoshop
  • php
  • prestashop
  • rails
  • redis
  • ruby
  • sass/scss
  • terraform
  • wordpress
  • vagrant
  • sketch

cd ~/logs


tail -n 50 system.log

1984 Start booting system...

1984 👶 Hello World! Valencia (Spain)

1988 Playing around with Atari 2600

1992 Acquiring first PC 486 DX2

1993 Learning basic

1997 Connection established to Infovia network throught 28.8k modem

1998 Starting first linux installation

1998 [ERROR] Fail sound activation. Compiling kernel...

1998 [ERROR] Fail network activation. Recompiling kernel...

1998 Finishing slackware installation

1999 Internet connection established!

1999 Release first static website with tables

2000 Learning PHP

2000 Playing around with Delphi

2001 Release PHP Nuke portal for Gaming Clan Css PHP MySQL

2001 Installing several Lan Party network and monitoring Cisco Cacti

2001 Release an Access/VBA time billing desktop application

2002 Learning C++

2002 Playing around with OpenGL

2002 Learning physics analog electronics

2002 Acquiring first Apple device, a second hand Macintosh Server G3

2003 Start working at technical service fixing and designing vending machines

2004 Learning Javascript

2006 Release several e-commerce sites with OsCommerce, Prestashop and some Wordpress and Joomla sites as freelance

2008 Release Wordpress and phpBB site for guitar players community with some jQuery plugins

2009 Release first responsive site

2010 Learning Ruby Rails

2011 Moving to Oviedo (Spain)

2011 Start working for Simplelógica & The Cocktail

2011 Release Uno de 50 shop Spree Rails S3 Varnish

2011 🐶 Adopting a beautiful Grate Dane

2011 Release Iturri Rails RefineryCMS

2012 Release a product configurator as SPA Backbone REST API

2012 Release Bergner corporate and catalog sites Rails jQuery

2013 Release Direct Seguros purchase funnel as SPA Backbone Rails

2013 Release Reale Seguros Middleman sass

2013 Release Aegon Rails jQuery responsive EC2 Varnish

2014 Start using Sketch as main design tool

2014 💑 Getting married

2014 Release Twenergy comunity site redesign from scratch Rails Turbolinks Capistrano

2015 Playing around with Docker

2015 Release Acutario a side project to manage team leave Rails Turbolinks Postgres Redis Vagrant

2015 Release Cortefiel, Women'secret, Springfield, Pedro del Hierrro redesign Rails Gulp Varnish

2015 Learning ES6

2016 Learning React Redux Mobx

2016 Release Iberostar redesign and performance optimization Rails Redis AWS Terraform Packer Varnish

2016 Learning Elixir

2016 Release Holaluz redesign Middleman Custom I18n SEO S3 CloudFront

2017 Learning elm

2017 Loading SysOps Administrator certification AWS

2017 Release blog API with SPA backoffice EmberJS Elixir REST API

2017 Migrating Acutario to Elixir Phoenix Framework Webpack ES6

2017 Release Movistar Originales with themes for Velvet Colección, La zona and Vergüenza eZ Publish Webpack ES6